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Long Term Camping Rates

With so much to see and do in and around Holiday park, we’re sure you will enjoy your stay. Our sites can accommodate any size RV (self-contained). We have over 200 acres, mostly wooded, along the picturesque headwaters of the Choptank River. Our Long Term Camping rate is $790.00 per month with cash payment or $850.00 per month with credit card payment.

Long Term Camping (30 days) Rates

Rates are based upon two people (your dependent children 5 years and under are N/C). Site has water, 30-amp electric (electric is metered), picnic table, fire ring and sewer. WiFi is throughout the campground.

(30 days)
$790.00 / Cash or $850.00 / Credit Card

Dependent Children 5-18 years old:
$1.00 per night ($30.00 per month)

Electric Car:
$8.50 per 4 hour charge - 50 amps

Guests (Overnight) & Visitors (Day ... until 10:00PM):
are to be pre-registered and paid in advance when the office is open (Saturdays, 11:00AM to 4:00PM). Day visitors are required to exit the park by 10:00PM. Visitors are not permitted to bring pets or alcohol on park property. Management reserves the right to limit the number of visitors/guests and/or vehicles per campsite. No visitors will be allowed entry after 9:00PM. We suggest no visitors/guests, due to COVID-19.

General Notes

We cannot hold any site without a deposit.

Site Requests:
Specific site requests are noted but not guaranteed.

Gate Pass:
$5.00 cash deposit, refundable upon departure. One pass per vehicle.

One camping unit per site.

Cancellations & Refunds:
The initial deposit and all other payments are non-refundable.

Benefits of Long Term Camping

Camp Store with Limited Supplies & Store Tabs (with settlement monthly, otherwise 10% is compounded monthly.)

Patio Lights. You may have up to 200 watts total with one bulb up to 40 watts and all others at 20 watts or less. Outdoor lights to be turned off before retiring at night. Bug lights up to 11:00 PM only.

Pets Allowed (subject to restrictions in our rules.) Click here for more information.

Visitors Welcome - subject to our visitor policies and rules. No charge to Day Visiting parents.

FREE Wifi available.

Fax Service available (outgoing).

Free Lending Library.

Three Fully Equipped Playgrounds and one toddler lot.

Control Gates.

Camping Policies

We maintain a beautiful, natural setting free of items that are not indicative of camping. To keep this setting, we DOT NOT PERMIT outdoor refrigerators, indoor furniture outside, sheds, non camping-related accessories, golf carts, battery operated children’s vehicles, ATV’s (All Terrain Vehicles), trenching or digging (i.e., electric cords or blue tanks) and stacking of firewood between trees.

Vehicles of campers and/or their guests must be parked within the assigned campsite or in the extra parking lots. DO NOT use open campsites or spaces for parking.

All rigs for camping or storage must be 15 years old or less. All rigs must have approved and working holding tanks, valves and RV plumbing fixtures (no household fixtures). They must be clean and neat in appearance so as not to detract from the aesthetics of the park and your neighbors.

Each year we must have a current copy of proof of comprehensive / full insurance coverage, and the trailer / motorhome must have current tags mounted on rig.

Recycling programs are offered so we can all help “Mother Earth.” Your efforts in separating aluminum, glass and plastic from your regular garbage and putting them in separate bags for collection is appreciated. The dumpsters provided are for garbage generated on the campground and must not be used for any other purpose. Do not place or discard items such as old carpeting, appliances, boxes, cardboard, etc. in dumpsters.

Billing & Payments. Electric meters are read the first of each month. Due to Choptank Electric billing dates, your first electric bill will not be due until 4 to 6 weeks after your “start date” and at intervals of approximately four weeks thereafter. The amount of your last bill will not be known until after the season ends.

Store tabs will be totaled on a monthly basis and are due the first of the month. Bills will not be mailed. Please check with the office monthly by the due date for settlement. Bills not paid by the 10th of the month will have a ten percent (10%) surcharge added to the unpaid balance.

It is your responsibility to check with the office on a timely manner in order to keep up with your electic bills and store tabs. An outstanding balance of $25.00 or more, that is in excess of 30 days past due, will result in gate passes voided from the system, or a lock will be installed on your rig, until the balance is brought current.

We require an End Of Season deposit of $100.00 to cover any outstanding bills and store tabs after the camping season. A complete listing of any and all charges will be mailed to you as soon as possible, along with a refund check for any balance due you (or a bill for any balance you might still owe).

Gate Cards. A gate card will be issued to each driver covered under the seasonal contract and is to be used by that person and their vehicle only. A deposit of $5.00 will be charged for each gate card, refunded in full with the return of the card at the end of the season (November 1st), provided the card is in acceptable condition. Cards that are outstanding after the end date will be voided with no refunds.

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